Welcome to London


CBDC (UK) Ltd is a London-based boutique investment company specialising in Cross-industry Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and technology driven digital transformation solutions with many years combined experience working in the UK/EU regulated capital market, cross-board payment, NHS & private healthcare, GIS-backed smart transportation and energy infrastructure investment. We utilise and leverage our expertise to identify client’s needs and delivering professional bespoke solutions to empower the value of data and business efficiency in Fintech, Digital Health, Renewable Energy and Education.

    Invest in FinTech

    Our cloud-based platform provides automatic payment solutions for merchants to increase customers satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

    Digital Health & Wellbeing

    Digital health & wellbeing self-management IoT solution.

    Smart City & Intelligent Transportation

    Smart parking platform and advanced big data analytics to help infrastructure planning and reduce the traffic congestion.